A downloadable Mod for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Credit to Mystman12 for the original game

Credit to the internet for some images


Charlie Brown becomes a teacher :D

As well as his friends.


Baldi is Charlie Brown

The Principal of the Thing is lucy

Its a bully is Schroeder

Arts and Crafters is Pepperment Patty

1st Prize is Snoopy

Playtime is Woodstock


Charlie Brown's Basics in Education and Learning.zip 44 MB

Development log


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Turn 1.4.3

This mod needs sounds changed!


no mod menu YOU SUCK AND DON'T EAT ---

in hard oof like me hahahaha

This Mod Needs Improvement

he naem gerald

this mode is nice bigboypadilla :)

i crid

and i hate the game

ok i love it not   

baet ever  not

oh hi welcome to my school home

Deleted 1 year ago

what are you talking about? u just download it

Deleted 1 year ago

;-;  https://bigboypadilla.itch.io/charlie-browns-basics-in-education-and-learning