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What's the update to version 2?

Cool mod!!!

And patrick is silly!!!


its GAY


y e e t


Great Mod! It offers a variety of Modded experience!

I made a YT video on your Mod

Ok, The graphics are horrible, the jumpscares are not that scary. there are glitches (LIKE A BUNCH OF GLITCHES) The game is laggy for recording and streaming. You need to add more quality resolution.  the game just needs to be more improved for better experience. 

morrisongames i know. sorry. but the glitches, you need to tell mystman12 about that. im no mystman12 ya know. also, i seen everyone recording and streaming and they were fine.

its not working

it litre says its available for windows


Why is it not available on Windows? Is it because its the game on "MAC" or "LINUX?"

same happened with my friend. i guess it just effects a few people cuz i seen somebody was windows but they got it to work

Recommenced versions are for Windows and Linux

why does it have baldi's voice but not spongebob's voice?

its hard to replace audio

uhh guys

Is spongebob in it?

yeah, he is, including patrick, mr. krabs, fred, some customer, and plankton

if i make a gameplay video on it? will you include it as a gameplay video?


wait is it a yt vid. if it is. wat is the link to the vid, i wanna watch it.

yes it is

here is the video link: